At Craig Builders Engineers Ltd. we are endeavouring to improve the quality of life for the Elderly and Disabled, whilst remaining cost effective to the relevant granting authorities, organisations and indeed for individual customers. With this in mind we have developed the 'Griffin' Modular Ramping

      The 'Griffin' is a galvanised steel ramping system fabricated in easy-to-manage sections. All the sections are quickly and easily bolted together on-site, by our trained personnel thus ensuring the minimum of disruption to the client.
    At present most ramps are fabricated to suit each individual site thus preventing them from being re-locatable. The 'Griffin' however, can easily be dismantled, removed from site and placed into storage. At a later date the sections can be relocated to a new site, eliminating either partial or total re-fabrication costs, ensuring client satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

All our ramps are designed according to Local Authority Design Guidelines.
The gradient of the ramp will be no steeper than 1 in 12.
Ramps will have a slip-resistant surface to maximise safety.


  • 75 x 75 x 6mm Steel angle frame

  • 40 x 40 x 6mm Steel angle cross members

  • 12mm square bar supports

  • 40 x 6mm flat bar supports at 750mm

  • 1292 Stiletto walkway mesh infill

  • 33.9mm circular hollow section handrails on adjustable legs

  • All steel work is galvanised prior to installation.


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